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In the depths of winter, three writers with a bent for the dark side will climb onto a tour bus, taking their message of madness to their readers. Hook up with Nick Cutter, Robert Pobi, and Andrew Pyper on the Dark Side Tour II - the horror comes to you.

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Mark Twain heated the spoon. Hemingway tied him off with a cracked leather belt. Breslin slapped his arm, searching for a vein. Seth Morgan jabbed the needle home.

Now he can't stop.

His novel, Bloodman, was called "...a remarkable debut..." by Booklist, and "...a relentless, driving masterpiece..." by Suspense Magazine. It was chosen By O - The Oprah Magazine - for their summer 2012 reading list.

There are no gimmicks. No sleight of hand. The magic is real.

Harvest, published in Canada by Simon & Schuster - available wherever fine books are sold.

What critics say about Harvest (published as River of the Dead in the United Kingdom and American Woman in the United States):

"So gripping the reader feels metaphorical hands around his throat. [Harvest] builds to a bloody, heart-stopping confrontation...If ever a suspense thirller deserves five stars, [Harvest] does."

- New York Journal of Books

The plotting here is airtight, but, above all, the novel delivers a frightening, Nietzschean horror show composed of equal parts hubris and unintended consequences. Fair warning: expect to sleep with the lights on after you turn the final page."

- Booklist

“Cold-blooded, sadistic serial killings plague New York City’s Upper East Side in this gripping standalone from Pobi … [readers] will be spellbound.”

- Publishers Weekly

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