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Robert Pobi

Before becoming an international bestselling novelist, Robert Pobi dealt in fine Georgian antiques for thirteen years, a profession that took him all over the world in his search for the unusual and exclusive. He turned to writing full-time in 2010.

A few of his favorite authors are Jimmy Breslin, Michael Crichton, Ernest Hemingway, Joe Hill, Greg Iles, Stephen King, Seth Morgan, David Morrell, and Trevanian.

Pobi spends a lot of his time at a cabin in the mountains and when the mercury falls he heads to the Florida Keys. He writes at a desk that once belonged to the enigmatic Italian banker, Roberto Calvi. When he's not working, he fishes for everything that swims – from great white sharks off Montauk to the monstrous pike of northern Finland. He also collects speeding tickets.


Bloodman - the international bestselling novel - has been published in Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, and the United States.

Mannheim Rex, a novel that one Hollywood agent described as 'completely out there', has been released in the United States, Great Britain, and Denmark - and will be available in France and Canada in the coming months.

River of the Dead has been published by Random House, UK, and Thomas & Mercer in the United States (under the title American Woman). It has been purchased by Simon & Schuster, Canada, and Editions Sonatine in France for a 2015 release date. More publishers will be announced as deals are finalized.

Deselected, a disquieting technothriller, is already contracted to Simon & Schuster in Canada, and Editions Sonatine in France. An American publisher will be announced shortly.

We hope to announce a movie deal - or possibly a television series - shortly.